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Develop Safety and Security Management Plan

Based on the assessments, we create a strategy and detail a plan to manage the safety and security of our clients. This incorporates an organization risk policy and framework, a day‐to‐day safety and security management plan, detailed crisis management strategies including procedures for crisis and disaster response, asset protection, evacuation and operational continuity.

Frontier Risk Solutions – we help companies Develop Safety and Security Management Plan choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and assures most safety and security.

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Intellectual rigors, deep knowledge of comprehensive and tailored security and risk management — Frontier Risk Solutions has integrated and holistic. We recognize that security in Somalia is dynamic and can change rapidly without warning. This is why we have a dedicated to provide the highest standard services for all our clients. Our service is staffed with highly qualified personnel, and backed by professional security experts in the field of Security and Risk Management.

Mohamed Ali
Chairman, F.R.S.

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