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Assess Organizational Safety and Security

For UN, Embassies, INGOs, LNGOs, governments’ officials and the business community, we provide a comprehensive

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Develop Safety and Security Management Plan

Based on the assessments, we create a strategy and detail a plan to manage the safety and security of our clients.

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Provide Physical Security Protection

We provide physical security protection activities for clients’ staff and assets. This involves the deployment of safety

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Training on Safety and Security

Safety and security are dynamic and dependent on specific contexts. Equip our clients with skills and knowledge

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Mission-Specific Escorts

For UN, Embassies, INGOs, government officials, commercial community, journalists and other clients with time bound travel plans

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Staff Screening, Verification and Background Checks

For clients seeking to recruit staff and engage companies with business in Somalia,

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Compound Equipment Vending, Installation Consultancy

We survey, recommend the right position to install Biometric systems, CCTV cameras, intrusion detection, alarms and tracking

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Security Sector Program Support Services

FRS intends to enable International development partners to provide advisory support in the security sector

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Logistic Services

Our strategic light logistics services solutions bring a client-centred approach to your logistics services‐management consulting & training opportunities.

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