Frontier Risk Solutions is a local safety and security company established in 2017. From the initial bases in Mogadishu and other cities, the company intends to expand its operations throughout Somalia and the Horn of Africa in the coming years. The foundation of Frontier Risk Solutions was formed by research on the security sector in Somalia by a group of indigenous professionals.

This study found out that the sector is dominated by foreign security companies who often do not have sufficient knowledge and experience in the Somali context. In many cases, these multinational companies then sub‐contract Somali nationals, creating a logistical and supply chain hierarchy that can be detrimental to security and safety operations and overall management.

Frontier Risk Solutions intends to close this gap by providing high‐quality, international standard services that directly utilize local knowledge and experience. The company brings together a pool of safety and security professionals with a detailed knowledge of the Somalia region and many years of experience in the field of international risk management.

Our target clients are the United Nations organisations, government institutions, nonprofit entities and commercial business seeking to minimise risk in their operations in Somalia and the Horn of Africa in general.